Safe Environment

 At Safe and Gentle Tattoo Removal, we believe in offering you the best treatment in a safe and healthy environment.

 Therefore our procedures are compliant with all laser safety precautions in accordance with all OSHA and patient national safety guidelines.

∙ Proper room conditions

∙ Proper safety glasses for all three wavelengths

∙ Proper safety techniques

∙ Close attention to detail


∙ Type of laser: nanosecond technology – time tested as being effective

∙ Appropriate energy intensity – adjusted for skin type, ink density, skin texture, age of tattoo and location of the tattoo

∙ Appropriate laser wavelength – different ink colors require a different wavelength

∙ Correct beam type – “top hat” – prevents skin burning from overlapping beams 

Our treatment protocols are designed to be effective in removing your tattoo while being gentle enough to prevent

∙ Damaging the skin

∙ Pain & blistering immediately after the procedure

∙ Long-term skin discoloration – too dark (Hyperpigmentation) or too light (Hypopigmentation)

∙ Scarring

∙ Allergic reactions