OUR TATTOO REMOVAL: Safe to the Skin

The tattoo is created by putting ink into different layers of the skin. Our lasers are used to dissipate the ink itself without damaging the skin. Our highly sophisticated techniques are based on in-depth knowledge of how lasers work.
  • Type of laser: nanosecond technology – time tested as being effective
  • Correct energy intensity – adjusted for skin type, ink density colors, skin texture
  • Correct beam type – “top hat” – prevents skin burning from overlapping beams
  • And more!
Therefore we effectively use the appropriate laser to avoid:

Safe Environment

Our practice at the Jersey Shore believes in providing a healthy environment. Therefore our procedures are compliant with all laser safety precautions in accordance with all OSHA and patient national safety guidelines.
  • Proper room conditions
  • Proper safety glasses for all three wavelengths
  • Proper safety techniques
  • Close attention to detail

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