“Doc” Gordon Lutchman MD

DoctorA year ago, my younger son invited me to visit his favorite tattoo shop. He was having yet another tattoo done and wanted me to see the place. What an eye-opening experience!

Unlike the typical biker/sailor vibe in tattoo parlors of the 60’s, this professional shop was impressively clean, the techniques being used were sophisticated, and the ink masters, though truly artists in every sense of the word, made safety the top priority.

Upon chatting up the owner of the shop, he informed me that every week he received many requests for tattoo removal but he was obligated to refer people either out of state, or to a dermatologist/plastic surgeon who merely provided this service on the side of his/her main practice.

Tattoos are removed or faded using special types of lasers and as a general surgeon, and I had already been using lasers to treat wounds for many years and now even use lasers to treat varicose veins. I felt that laser tattoo removal was a service that I could easily and effectively provide this service, and could do so without relying on the antiquated procedures and technology of the traditional laser removal treatment that could take up to 15 sessions, each significantly more painful than the original application of the tattoo. I can not speak from personal experience, however my son tells me getting the tattoo in the first place is already quite a test of endurance and pain tolerance.

Currently, there are no facilities dedicated exclusively to this service anywhere throughout the entire state of New Jersey.


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