colored tattoo

Step Number 1

Imagine the skin in layers, magnified as under a microscope. It would look like the image above. You see how the ink is really embedded on the skin. This is the first step in the process.

black ink

Step Number 2

The ink granules would look like rocks scattered in layers. They were once injected deep into your skin when you decided you wanted a tattoo. But now it’s time that gently remove it.

ink grains

Step Number 3

When the laser beam comes in and gets absorbed by the ink, the energy causes the “rocks” to be broken up into smaller “stones”, “sand,” and “powder”. Some heat is produced by this blast.

bigger ink grains

Step Number 4

Over the next 6 weeks the fine sand and powder are taken away by very fine lymphatic vessels and cleared by the immune system of the body. Your body will flush it out naturally.

laser skin interaction

Step Number 5

With each treatment more clearing occurs. We have to do it gently, layer by layer each time so as not to produce too much heat, which could damage the skin. We do it not just safe, but we do it gently.


Step Number 6

Different colored inks are cleared by different wavelengths. Our laser unit, the state-of-the-art Quanta Q-Plus C produces three different wavelengths. We will remove any colored tattoo from your skin.

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