In the same way that getting your tattoo was associated with temporary distress, we cannot promise that getting the tattoo removed will be completely pain free. The effect of the laser hitting the tattoo ink in short bursts causes a “snapping”, momentary discomfort, and if the area to be treated is large,  more discomfort can be expected.

In addition, the area where the tattoo is located and individual sensitivity are factors that will influence the level of discomfort.

The good news is that there are several methods available for reducing this discomfort:

Our office dedicated to laser tattoo removal at the Jersey Shore is a medical facility with all procedures done by Dr. Lutchman. As such we use the full range of methods to reduce pain and tailor to exactly your needs for your overall comfort.

For example, we offer:

      • Skin cooling with ice packs
      • Skin cooling with the cold air Zimmer Device (accepted industry standard)
      • Topical local anesthetic creams
      • Injection of local anesthesia – our own gentle technique of injection

At the time of your initial evaluation, we will assess the method that will be most appropriate for YOU. Now that you’ve decided to get your tattoo removed, let us help you get it done in a Safe and Gentle manner.

Remember, your comfort its our top priority!

Call us, we’re here to help.

We all make mistakes. Don’t pay more for yours than you have to.